Massage Therapist Training

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Larry Cammarata, Ph.D.

NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Provider 

The purpose and intent of this 7.5 hour training is to provide massage therapists/bodyworkers with an introduction to the science and practice of mindful movement as applied to self-regulation and healing.  

Self-regulation involves practices and skills that enhance the stability and adaptability of the mind and body. Mindful movement is a method of self-regulation that involves intentional physical movement with focused attention upon the body and breath that integrates the attitudes of acceptance, patience, and non-striving in support of relaxation and awareness of the present moment. Through repetitive movement, an internal focus on the body, and slow breathing, mindful movement practices such as yoga, qigong, Tai Chi, and mindful walking result in an increased parasympathetic nervous system response, which activates the Relaxation Response, an antidote to the stress response.

The self-regulating practice of mindful movement is therefore integral to supporting health and wellness, and has particular relevance to bodywork and massage therapy. In this regard, mindful movement can enhance client awareness of posture, breathing patterns, and muscular tension.

The focus of our mindful movement practice will be an authentic classical form of Qigong that is easy to learn!

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